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Model: M08053018
Gamdias APOLLO M1 Mid Tower Gaming CaseAdopting an asymmetry mesh as a front panel, APOLLO M1 provides not only a unique look but also maximum air flow through the case. With two extremely large 200mm ARGB fans, APOLLO M1's fans are effective at building up air flow and cooling down interal com..
Ex Tax:৳6,700.00
Brand: Gamdias Model: M11110216
Gamdias ARGUS M1 Mid Tower PC Gaming CaseGamdias ARGUS M1 Mid Tower PC Gaming Case comes with A LED strip with Rainbow Color Streaming Lighting that supports RGB Motherboard Sync Software, E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX Motherboards, CPU cooler height limitation: 168mm, VGA length limitation: 350mm..
Ex Tax:৳5,700.00
Brand: Gamdias Model: M11110216
Gamdias TALOS E2 Mid Tower Gaming CaseGamdias TALOS E2 has mid tower case with front trapezoidal tempered glass panel, one left swing door.With a trapezoidal tempered glass allowing high air flow to the front, and RGB Fan lighting around the front, your PC case will look sleek and edgy. Sleek temper..
Ex Tax:৳4,700.00
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